About us


“Shoulders of Giants would be nothing without the advice and support from all those who participated; they are the giants you must stand on. Our mission at Shoulders of Giants is simple: We want to connect you with Mentors, and through them, life changing changing books.  We believe that if Alexander the Great had Aristotle as a mentor, Warren Buffet had Benjamin Graham, music industry legend Quincy Jones had Ray Charles, and many more amazing people such as Clint Eastwood, Mark Zuckerburg, Oprah Winfrey, and Cal Ripkin, Jr. all had mentors, then we need them as well. The opportunity a mentor gives you is once in a lifetime; for their wisdom is priceless and incomparable.” For more about my vision for this project, check out my Personal Blog

-Tyler , Tyler Hochstetler WebsiteLinkedIn

“The mentors on Shoulders of Giants are a collection of the most influential people in my life. These books are a source of their influence, and I can’t read them all myself. I’m hoping you guys will help me out”

-Quin, My Website (coming soon!), LinkedIn


Also, below is a  video by Tai Lopez that inspired me (Tyler) – We hope you enjoy!